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Hitler Dolls Evil Has Never Been So Much Fun

Hitler…the big boss of bad guys to come out of the 20th century. You would of thought that any idea of adapting this nutter into a toy would of been long since abandoned. However there are still a number of various dolls out there; some more disturbing than the others. Here are a few of the creepiest and funniest dolls out there

1.Knit Your Own Hitler

With thanks to hitlerdolls

2.Hitler Action Man

With thanks to your life

3.Dress Your Own Hitler (In Pink?)

With thanks to newscloud

4.Awww…Cute Little Baby Hitler

With thanks to bobpitch

5.Little Hitler With A Little Willy

With thanks to daddytypes

6.Creepy Hitler For Creepy Kids

With thanks to memeparty

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