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Top Ten Best Nerf Guns

Which is the Best Nerf Gun?

Few toys have been as successful as the Nerf gun.  As far as kids are concerned, the Nerf gun is the go to toy shooter.  Unlike a BB gun, which are powerful and potentially dangerous, or a water pistol which can definitely only be used outside, the Nerf guns ammo will do no damage either to kids or your precious household items. And yet, it remains firmly in the toy category suitable for kids of almost all ages.

Having said that such is the success of the Nerf gun that many of the models include some really clever features; take for instance the lighted scope, or the ability to automatic fire. There are also a very wide variety of different Nerf guns, which allows your kids to have their particular favourite without everyone having to have identical guns.

However, with the huge variety of different models of Nerf guns available these days, it can be quite confusing to work out which is the best Nerf gun. You’re not alone in this. Many people find the variety of different Nerf guns and different features available on those guns almost overwhelming. And yet it is quite likely that if your child has got to a certain age then they are going to want the best Nerf gun that you will buy them. In order to help you in making the right decision we have created this site in order to provide the best Nerf gun reviews on the web. Read on and you will be sure to find a top rated Nerf gun for you (we mean your kids).

A Brief History of the Nerf Gun

Despite the popular idea that Nerf guns are a recent phenomenon, the fact remains that the company that makes Nerf guns has been around for 40 years now. The original product was a four-inch polyurethane foam ball made by Parker Brothers. It was called the world’s first indoor ball and was a huge success. A number of spin-offs were developed unfortunately many of which did not follow through on the initial success. However the real breakthrough came when the company introduced its foam weaponry range of products. The rest is history. Kicking around the Nerf ball indoors may be a laugh, but shooting your friends with prone projectiles in and around the house? That is real fun!

It is said that the word Nerf is actually an acronym formed from the phrase “non-expanding recreational foam”. This is a great fit but the reality is more prosaic, with the inventor Reyn Guyer explaining once that Parker brothers actually call the ball Nerf after the foam that off-road vehicles used to have wrapped around their roll bars.

Read Reviews of the Top 10 Nerf Guns

There really is a wide variety of Nerf gun toys and accessories available to choose from these days. Some of the older models of Nerf guns have been phased out, with newer models replacing them. If you have an older model then you could definitely consider modifying it, and we have an article here to give you the best Nerf gun mod. However the main purpose of this site is to be the ultimate review site for the best Nerf guns available today. We intend to keep the list of top Nerf guns updated to ensure that the very latest models are incorporated in our reviews.

We should just point out, that while the vast majority of Nerf guns are bought for boys, it is not an exclusive club. Girls enjoy playing with Nerf guns almost as much as boys do, so do not think that just because you have a daughter that she won’t get as much from a Nerf gun as her brother may. Indeed, such is the attraction of Nerf guns for girls that there are a number of models that are specifically designed to be for girls as well as those for both boys and girls.

Below we list and review the top 10 Nerf guns. These Nerf gun reviews take into account a wide variety of features, prices and size. Our intention is that there is a Nerf gun suitable for your child to be found in that list, our reviews are intended to ensure that when you make a choice of which is the best Nerf gun, at the very least it’s an informed choice.

Nerf CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike

As the name itself suggests, the Nerf CS-18 N-strike Elite RapidStrike has features that can boost its firing power. It is known to have a firing range of up to 75 feet. The blaster can hold 18 Elite Darts and it has an acceleration trigger that powers the motor for some rapid and high speed firing. The Rapistrike blaster is quite light weight, and it allows for an accurate and high range firing experience.

The rate of firing is noticeably quite high, owing to its motorized flywheel drive, which quickens the firing mechanism. It doesn’t take too long to empty the clip off the darts. The clip is transparent, which allows a clear view of how many rounds are left. There are rarely any jams with the darts, but in case of one, it is easy to clear the jam with the use of the port that is under the top rail of the blaster. The Rapidstrike blaster offers three points for attachment for a sling and five tactical rails for a firm gripping. With the front and the rear sights, it is easy to aim for a target.


Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator

The Nerf N- strike Elite Retaliator is packaged together with a shoulder stock, barrel extension, twelve Elite Darts, twelve – dart clip and an assault grip. The Retaliator blaster is really good in its blaster performance. It can fire the Elite Darts to up to a range of 75 feet. The Elite darts used by the retaliator are lighter and balanced well. They are a major improvement over the older streamlines.

The Retaliator features a tactical rail on its priming slide.There are 2 more tactical rails on the top and bottom of the barrel when the blaster is attached with the supplied barrel extension. The blaster is also equipped with a clip point, a priming indicator and a flip up sight. Depending on the mission, the blaster can be modified in four different configurations. It is easy to steady the shot with the use of the removable stock. The Retaliator can be easily reloaded by moving back the priming slide and pressing the clip release button. The clip can hold up to 12 Elite darts. The clip, loaded with the Elite darts, needs to be loaded to the blaster. The priming slide should be moved forward in order to prime the blaster.


Nerf N-strike Elite Rampage

The Nerf N-strike Elite Rampage is a Nerf blaster which was released under the series, N-strike elite of Hasbro. The Rampage comes with a 25 darts drum, 25 elite darts, extra N-strike elite darts and dart clips. It has 2 tactical rails on the blaster’s top and a clip point on the handle. There is a priming indicator on the attachment area of the stock, at the very end of the blaster. The Rampage can slam fire and uses a side loading system. The Rampage offers a rapid fire blitz, owing to its higher capacity drum which can hold 25 darts

By holding down the trigger and sliding away the slam fire handle, it is possible to release a series of darts at targets which are up to 90 feet away.

The blaster is very accurate and never jams, except when it has a deformed dart stuck in it. It offers repeated shots with greater accuracy and range. A 75 foot range is achievable when the shot is arced.

The Rampage blaster has fewer parts internally, when compared to its predecessor, the Raider. The high power of the blaster is attributed to the use of direct plunger system. The good thing about direct plunger system is that it is possible to increase the tension in the spring, without a potential internal destruction.


Nerf N- strike modulus ECS-10 blaster

The Nerf N- strike modulus ECS-10 blaster is unique in its composition because by using its included accessories the modulus can be equipped, configured and used in about thirty different and unique ways. The Modulus is a special ECP (electronic clip system) blaster.

The blaster is packaged together with a shoulder stock, a precision scope, a dual rail barrel, a banana clip, a drop down grip, and 10 Elite darts. The clip release button of the blaster is situated in front of the trigger and behind the clip well. Its banana clip can hold 10 darts. These darts can be targeted at up to a distance of 90 feet. It is very simple to build a new configuration of the blaster, take the aim of the target and fly the darts for longer distances.

To aim and shoot fire a dart, the acceleration trigger comes handy. While it is held down, the flywheels spool up to gain a maximum range. The dart can be fired by a simple pull of the fire trigger. The blaster can be reloaded by pressing the clip release. The banana clip can then be loaded with the 10 Elite darts and loaded back into the blaster.


Nerf N- strike Elite Rhino-fire blaster

The Nerf N- strike Elite Rhino-fire blaster is an upgraded clip system blaster. It has the unique feature to make use of the two clips or the drums at the same time. It even has 2 barrels which are used to fire alternately. It can fire up to a range of 90 feet.

The top of the blaster has 2 tactical rails and 2 strap points. The blaster comes with a 25 dart drum, a tripod and 50 Elite darts. The tripod is used to steady the shots and is removable. The two drums of the blaster can hold 25 darts, each. The darts can be launched at the targets from the two barrels and the motorized firing can control the firing rate.

The blaster operates on batteries of the size 6 D. All the 50 darts can be fired off at a fast pace. The fire button of the blaster can be pushed down slightly to spin the flywheels. It should be pressed a bit harder to fire. The batteries grant the power to the darts, so that the flywheels don’t slow down. Also, the blaster eliminates the need to spool the motors. The motors start almost instantly on pushing the fire button.

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS

The Nerf N-Strike ECS is one of the most exciting and awesome blaster N-Strike guns released by Nerf brand in its history of more than 40 years. Nerf has introduced the first fully automatic Nerf Clip blaster system up till now in this gun. The players can easily change to attack mode by using its removable shield. The packing of this NERF gun includes complete fully automatic gun with clip system blaster, 3 extended clips, a blast shield, 60 darts and one quick reload clip.

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS can help the eight years and more old budding alert kids to enjoy fighting with bad boys. The storm of soft Nerf darts released by this fully automatic blaster with the help of extended 18-dart clip can be easily reloaded with spare darts provided with it. The blast shield provided with it can help in redirecting the fires coming in. Thus the kids can enjoy the firing adventure through this automatic Nerf gun.

Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster

This Nerf gun is the longest blaster gun to date from this brand which contains air-powered dart blaster. In order to target at long range object its barrel can be extended. You can shoot your dart accurately up to 35 feet by improving its accuracy by flipping up its sight. Two quickly reloadable clips make you worry free about your ammunition while firing at the bad boys.

It is an awesome and the best air powered dart blaster if your kids want to shoot at long distances. They can fire up to 35 feet with this three feet long Nerf blaster by flipping up its sight and attaching extension barrel to improve its accuracy and range. You need not worry about you ammunition even while chasing a moving target as you have two quickly reloadable clips to reload your gun any time. So you can buy this Nerf gun for your kids in 6 years and above age group to prepare them for future Nerf guns.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Nerf Cam ECS-12 Blaster

This high quality toy from Nerf is suitable for the kids of all ages. The materials used in making it are safe for the children. The durability and quality of this Nerf gun is duly tested by the competent professionals of the company. Your children can shoot at the target up to 85 feet away with this Nerf blaster blasting 12 darts rapidly. They can handle the Slam Fire handle and trigger with only one hand to blast a steady stream of darts. They can keep the record of their battles through videos and photos clicked by its built-in camera which can store video of more than 100 minutes and up to 2,000 photos in its 4 GB SD card. The packing of this Nerf gun includes a blaster with 12 darts, a built in camera, memory card, clip and an instruction manual.

You can buy the Nerf Cam ECS-12 blaster for your kids to win the Nerf blaster battles with bad boys. The built-in camera in this Nerf blaster allows you to record the photos and videos of your battles from the very beginning when you start firing darts with it. You can celebrate your grand successes by sharing the photos and videos of your battles with your family and friends.

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster

This blaster gun from Nerf is provided with a foldable tripod stand to make its transportation easy even at the time of escaping from your enemies. The power of the unleashed N-STRIKE VULCAN EBF-25 blaster makes it hard even for your toughest enemy to know the right direction of the fire coming to him. This makes it a thrilling and huge gun for your kids. They can fire 25 darts with this fully automatic blaster at the rate of three darts per second. The packing of this Nerf blaster includes a removable tripod, ammo box, 25 Whistler Darts, 25-dart belt and an instruction manual along with the blaster.

In order to make your kids perfect for battery powered battles you should buy Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster to complete their arsenal. This fully automatic dart cannon can be an awesome weapon with its three tactical rails as it enables your kids for any battle as they can load fire darts quickly to fire at three darts per second speed through automatically feeding belt. It becomes unstoppable due to its piston powered by internal launching system. You can also use it for precision blasting by switching over to single shot mode.

Nerf Rapid Fire 20

Nerf has introduced this gun produced by Hasbro which has awesome capacity of 20 darts. You can control the delivery and speed of your darts fired through this violent blaster. The incredibly fast firing action of this gun boosts up the excitement of your kids. Your kids can fire on their target by pulling the trigger after loading its rotating barrel with soft foam darts and powering it by filling its air chamber by pumping its handle. They can launch the darts at any target through its awesome air based jet power. They can control the speed of fast released foam darts while showering them on their opponents at the time of attack by setting its speed control dial at the rapid fire mode.

Thus after going through the reviews of some of the blaster guns produced and introduced by Nerf you can easily choose the best Nerf gun for your child according to his preferences and suitability. You can also search at the sites of various online stores to buy the best one at the best competitive prices.