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20 Awesome Playing Cards

A selection of playing cards designs which range from the cool to the down right geeky.

For most of us, sometimes playing cards can get boring. However, with these usual decks of cards, you can keep the game interesting. This way, if you happen to be losing money, at least you can look at your favorite characters or themes and feel a little relief!

1.Ladies of Star Wars

With all the explosions, lightsaber battles, lasers and killer robots, it would be easy to forget that Star Wars has also sprinkled in more than its fair share of beautiful women over the decades. The Ladies of Star Wars playing cards certainly will help you remember this important fact. Each card is dedicated to one of the lovely ladies who has enlivened the Star Wars Universe with her presence. Now all you have to do is hope that the force is with you on the next hand you are dealt!


2. Commodore Amiga Playing Cards

The Amiga was a type of 16-bit computer that originated back in 1985. This deck will allow you to get retro while being geeky at the same time.


3. Nintendo Playing Cards

Video games have become a multi-billion dollar industry and at the heart of that industry is Nintendo. Riding the success of Donkey Kong, Nintendo has become not just a household word but also a dominant player in the video game industry. Along the way, they have created scores of marvelous, larger then life characters such as Link from the Legend of Zelda and Mario of Mario Brothers fame, to name just two. Nintendo playing cards are a great way for any video game fan to sit back and enjoy a fun hand of poker or any other card game.


4. Star Trek – Wrath of Kahn

Star Trek has become a major part of popular culture for a variety of reasons. Star Trek is innovative, forward looking, imaginative and exciting. No wonder several generations have fallen in love with the concept, the characters and the look of this valuable Hollywood commodity. The Star Trek-Wrath of Kahn playing cards remind us of one of the best films namely, The Wrath of Kahn. Based off characters from an episode of the original series this deck will allow players to scream, “Kahnnnnnnn” in true Kirk like fashion.


5. Lego Playing Cards

Its tough to get much cuter than these Lego Playing cards as we all have fond memories of our Legos! Here our childhood memories come to life in the form of these wildly colorful and innovative Lego playing cards. The numbered cards are constructed, rather cleverly, out of Lego blocks. The face cards sport neat little Lego characters such as pirates, for example. If you are seeking a fun deck with lots of personality and style, then you might want to consider the Lego playing cards.


6. Periodic Table Playing Cards


Wow, a deck of playing cards that can be educational while fun! Now that is a truly great idea. The periodic table playing cards will help give you a little refresher course on what you learned (or thought you learned) in your last chemistry class. Chemistry may have not been your best subject, but now with the periodic table playing cards, you have a chance to review and refresh your memory. With these cards in hand, you will be able to learn facts and figures about the complex and intriguing world of chemistry.


7. Gay Men Deck

Wonderful artwork is always fun on playing cards. Here are some playing cards that are skilled drawn works of art that also happen to depict numerous gay characters and men in a cartoon-like art style. The characters are portrayed in numerous styles and were drawn in 1981. If you are looking for a deck of cards that is sure to be a collector’s item, then this could be the one!


8. A4 Playing Cards

If you feel as though your eyesight isn’t what it used to be, then you might want to consider the A4 playing cards. The A4 playing cards are jumbo, extra large playing cards that are closer to the size of a 4 X 6 index card than they are a traditional playing card. Now, if you are already having trouble shuffling a deck of cards, you might want to seriously reconsider using this deck in your next card game. But that concern aside, there is no denying that these cards are just great fun!


9. Inmate Playing Cards

Human ingenuity never ceases to amaze. Take, for example, the inmate playing cards. These highly unique and imaginative playing cards contain the pictures of murder victims. Now before you jump to the wrong conclusion, these playing cards are not the creation of someone looking to exploit the dead. Instead, the inmate playing cards were given out to prison inmates to determine whether or not anyone knows who may have murdered the victims. While this may be a simple concept, it is also pretty clever!


10. Typographic Playing Cards

The typographic playing cards will be a true pleasure for anyone who appreciates typography or great use of geometry and color. These highly innovative playing cards are sure to be a real conversation starter. They make for a great deck of cards to use with long time card sharks that think that they have seen every type of deck “under the sun.” These imaginative cards will certainly spice up any game and infuse it with just a little extra imagination.


11. Transparent Playing cards

For those of you that are looking for playing cards that will test your ability to keep your hand to yourself, you may want to try these. These transparent playing cards will no doubt shock and likely delight your friends. Yet, as fun as these cards are, they are probably not for serious games. After all, everyone can see your hand. But on the plus side, peaking isn’t much of an issue for concern.


12. iphone Playing Cards

Who could have ever have guessed the amazing level of success the iPhone has enjoyed? When Apple entered the iPhone market, they were the underdog encroaching upon an established market full of giants. By understanding consumer needs and wants, the iPhone (along with a seemingly endless supply of applications) has become the new 800-pound gorilla in the cell-phone and smart phone market. These witty and clever playing cards take the iPhone design and incorporate it into a one of a kind playing cards that should delight any Apple fan to their core!


13. Peanuts Playing Cards

Who doesn’t love the Peanuts? This long run syndicated cartoon strip has enjoyed decades of consistent popularity and has fans of nearly every age. No doubt, this is due in part to such lovable and memorable characters as Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock. If you are looking for a deck of cards that will take you back to your childhood, then it will be hard to beat this wonderfully drawn little gems.


14. Batman Playing Cards

The popularity of Batman has arguably never been higher. With this fact in mind, it shouldn’t surprise us that the Batman universe has given rise to some pretty innovative playing cards. The Batman playing cards take advantage not only of the distinctive lore of the Caped Crusader, but of the bountiful and exquisite artwork of this comic book legend. Let’s face it; playing with Batman playing cards would be fun and just plain cool.


15. Drag Queen Bush

Anyone who is looking for truly offbeat and whimsical playing cards needs to look no further than the Drag Queen Bush playing cards. These innovative and shockingly clever cards will bring a smile to more than one poker ace or weekend card shark. Just don’t hold your breath to see these cards being used in any of the big casinos in Las Vegas.


16. Round Playing Cards

Here are a selection of cards with modern twist, they’re round, they’ll stay around and they will be around forever.


17. Bond Girl Playing Cards

James Bond has continued to endure for a good reason. Bond’s numerous decades of success and well over a billion dollars of box-office earnings is due, in part, to action packed stories, great stunts and visual effects, wonderful gadgets and, of course, the slew of Bond girls. Bond would probably have failed to capture the imagination to the extent that it has without the help of the lovely bond girls. Now you can have a little of that magic for yourself with these Bond girl playing cards.


18. Ninja Playing Cards

Now you might be thinking that ninja playing cards should be invisible. Or you might

 be wondering what the heck ninjas are doing sitting around playing cards anyway. Shouldn’t they be hiding, killing or training? Apparently, ninjas have downtime just like the rest of us. Oh, did we mention that these playing cards also have razor sharp steel edges? Makes a little more sense now, doesn’t it? These playing cards are probably more for show or throw than they are for the casual game. After all, who wants to scream out, “honey call 911 Bob just cut off a finger with the eight of clubs!”


19. Astronomy Playing Cards

Before there was history, man was gazing into the sky with wonder. Now with the advent of powerful technologies, we have telescopes that are capable of seeing farther out into space than every before. We are also able to capture images of shocking clarity, color and resolution. With this in mind, you might just want to pick up the astronomy playing cards. These cards will impress you with the splendor of the universe while delivering a healthy dose of knowledge at the same time.


20. Carte Binarie – Binary Playing Cards

What you don’t speak binary? Well here is your chance to learn with the carte binarie-binary playing cards. Playing cards that sneak in a little learning and knowledge without you even realizing it are a pretty clever idea that is worth a look. With the carte binarie-binary playing cards, you can be sure that you pick up a little binary language knowledge as well as a few computer basics at the same time. If you want playing cards that have a decidedly geek factor, then these are the cards you want.


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